Pre-installed Elastix 4 PBX with 8 ports PoE switch

<li>Pre-installed Elastix 4 software</li>
<li>8 ports PoE switch</li>
<li>Up to 32 users</li>
<li>AMD GX-412TC 1 Ghz quad core</li>
<li>3 Gigabit Intel (i211AT) ports</li>
<li>2 Gb DRAM</li>

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Elastix 4 PBX, the first association of a 8 ports PoE switch and a PC Engines AMD GX-412TC 1 Ghz Quad core system board with 3 Ethernet Gigabit ports, all integrated within a 19" enclosure of high quality with the pre-installed Elastix 4 software, this is the perfect all-in-one PBX solution, this IP PBX solution ease and optimize the installation while reducing the costs, a single power supply reduce the number of apparent cables.

Included in the delivery :
  • 1 x RackMatrix® 1U enclosure pre-assembled with a 8 ports PoE 10/100 Mbp switch and a PC Engines APU 2 AMD GX-412TC 1 Ghz Quad core system board, 3 x Gigabit Intel (i211AT) ports, 2 Gb DRAM
  • 1 x 220V Power supply cable

System board PC Engines APU 2
CPUAMD GX-412TC 1 Ghz Quad core
Memory2 Gb
Storage320 Gb HDD
E/SDB9 Serial port
2 x USB 2.0 external ports
3 x Gigabit Intel (i211AT) ports
Switch8 x PoE 10/100 Mbps ports
Power supply90 - 264V with light and fuse protection
Warranty1 year (material, return in our workshop)
Data sheet
Form factor19" 1U
Dimensions343 x 430 x 44 mm

Elastix software logo
Elastix is an Open Source Software to establish Unified Communications. About this concept, Elastix goal is to incorporate all the communication alternatives, available at an enterprise level, into a unique solution.

Elastix 4
Elastix 4 software incorporates the latests available technologies. One of the most relevant features is to present a “WebRTC ready” product, which allow the integration of VoIP in web platforms with ease, allowing to embed video and audio calls inside a web browser. Imagine making a call from the web site of your company!
Another great feature is that users will enjoy the newest open source codecs, like Opus and VP8, which will grant them an enhanced experience of communications with the best quality.
Elastix 4 is based on CentOS 7, which will deliver support for even more hardware and will ensure a long term life and updates of the platform and its components.
The interface has been re-designed from scratch, incorporating the latest tendencies in web design: HTML, jQuery, vector graphics and responsive design. With this, Elastix will be easier to use in mobile devices and tablets.
A lot of other features have been added, which are detailed in the Elastix 4 changelog.

You will find below a detailed list of features and functionalities:

Online embedded help

Centralized updates management

System resources monitor

Backup/restore support via Web

Network configurator

Support for skin

Server shutdown from the web

Configurable server date, time and timezone

Access control to the interface based on ACLs

Heartbeat Module

DHCP Client List Module

Automatic Backup Restore

Backup Restore Validation


Call recording

Conference center with virtual rooms


SIP and IAX support, among others

Supported codecs: ADPCM, G.711 (A-Law & μ-Law), G.722, G.723.1 (pass through), G.726, G.728, G.729, GSM, iLBC (optional) among others.

Voicemail-to-email functionality

Flexible and configurable IVR

Support for analog interfaces such as FXS/FXO (PSTN/POTS)

Support for voice synthesization

Support for digital interfaces (E1/T1/J1) through PRI/BRI/R2 protocols

IP terminal batch configuration tool

Caller ID

Integrated echo canceller

Multiple trunk support

Endpoint configurator

Incoming and outgoing routes with support for dial pattern matching

Support for video-phones

Support for follow-me

Hardware detection interface

Support for ring groups

DHCP server for dynamic IP

Support for paging and intercom

Web-based operator panel

Support for time conditions

Call parking

Support for PIN sets

Call detail record (CDR) report

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

Billing and consumption report

Callback support

Channel usage reports

Support for bluetooth interfaces through cell phones (chan_mobile)

Support for call queues

Elastix Operator Panel (EOP)

Distributed Dial Plan with dundi

Voip Provider configuration

Asterisk Real Time

Support for call queues

Fax server based on HylaFax

Fax to email customization

Fax visor with downloaded PDFs

Access control for fax clients

Fax to email application

Can be integrated with Winprint Hylafax

SendFax Module

Fax send through Web Interface

Openfire instant messaging server

Report of user sessions

IM client initiated calls

XMPP/Jabber support

Web based management for IM server

Plugins support

IM groups support

LDAP support

Support for other IM gateways like MSN, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk and ICQ

Server-to-server support

Mail server with multi-domain support

Support for quotas

Web based management

Antispam support

Support for mail relay

Based in Postfix for high email volume

Web based email client

Email List management

Remote SMTP Module

  • PBX-integrated calendar with support for voice notifications
  • Phone Book with click-to-dial capabilities
  • Web Conference
  • New Features in Calendar Module
  • Billing support with A2Billing
  • Integrated CRM: vTigerCRM and SugarCRM
  • Addons Module

Universal 1U case of high quality, modular, robust and rackable made by Rack Matrix Technology.
Patented technology providing a fully modular enclosure which adapt to all realizations.

High quality materials (Aluminium and plexiglass for the front panel and supports) ensure stability and longevity. White paint and blue powder for the cover.


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Pre-installed Elastix 4 PBX with 8 ports PoE switch

Pre-installed Elastix 4 PBX with 8 ports PoE switch

<li>Pre-installed Elastix 4 software</li>
<li>8 ports PoE switch</li>
<li>Up to 32 users</li>
<li>AMD GX-412TC 1 Ghz quad core</li>
<li>3 Gigabit Intel (i211AT) ports</li>
<li>2 Gb DRAM</li>