6 Giga ports, J1900 D19SL Quad core, 2 GHz pre-assembled RackMatrix® bundle
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RackMatrix® M1 ready-to-use D19SL J1900 4 cores, 2 Ghz, 6 Giga ports

Product replaced by RMT-CASE-M1-BDL0018#B

RackMatrix® M1 ready-to-use D19SL J1900 4 cores, 2 Ghz, 6 Giga ports

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Ready-to-use RackMatrix® solution with a J1900 D19SL, 2 GHz quad core board in a 19" high-quality, modular, rugged and rack-mountable 1U rack.

The use cases are endless: router, firewall, virtualization appliance, multimedia solution, VPN gateway, WLAN acess point, ect...

Details :

CPUJ1900 D19SL Quad core, 2 GHz
Memory2/4/8 DDR3-1333 (ECC)
I/O6 Giga ports Intel
StoragemSATA 16 Gb to 120GB - industrial HDD 500GB or 1TB



DB9 Serial port

Port dual USB



Possible *

Wifi, Carte WLE200NX
Power supply90 - 264V with light and fuse protection
Warranty1 year
Dimension for 1U343*430*44 mm - 19"

Enclosure features :

Ours enclosure are made of high quality aluminum, which ensures stability and durability. In addition, thanks to the Patented RackMatrix® Technology, ours enclosures are fully modular, self-cooling and adaptable for all possible applications.


Printing options :

-          Product: The printout will correspond to the chosen software. If your choice is "no software" we will proceed with the generic print.

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* Other Possible Options : Contact us on +33 1 84 18 10 18 or sales@rack-matrix.com for more information or customised products.