PC Engines Alix 2D2/2D3/2D13, APU1/APU2 case with HDD, WiFi - Black

New Product RMT-CASE-S2

PC Engines ALix 2D2/2D3/2D13, APU1/APU2/APU3 and OpenVox IPC100/IPC110/IPC120/IPC130 enclosure with 2 x HDD 2,5" mounting and 2 optional LAN, 2 WiFi, black.

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PC Engines Alix 2D2/2D3/2D13, APU1/APU2/APU3 and OpenVox IPC100/IPC110/IPC120/IPC130 enclosure with 2 x 2.5" HDD mounting and 2 option LAN, 2 WiFi, black.


Information: The Rack Matrix S1 enclosure has become obsolete. Please prefer Rack Matrix S2 enclosure here


  • This enclosure designed by Clemanis is for all your Network appliance assemblies based on PC Engines Alix 2D2, 2D3, 2D13, APU1, APU2, APU3 and OpenVox IPC100, IPC110, IPC120 and IPC130.
  • Mainboard Easy mounting. (No need to unscrew the serial port screws)
  • With modular design, that enclosure can suit to all your needs for FreeNAS storage unit with two 2,5 inch HDD up to 2 HDD.
  • The black brushed anodized finishing allows an high quality laser marking.

But also as a router with 2, 3, 4, up to 5 network ports. To do this simply remove the cache network ports you want and add the miniPCI or miniPCI express single or dual NIC card. 

BUILDING A 4/5 ports network appliance with PC Engines APU, RMT-CASE-S1BLK and DELOCK cards

5 Ethernet ports whose 2 x Gigabit ports for Alix board

This box is also provided for mounting the miniPCI 2 Giga ports card from RMT-mPCI2LAN for Alix 2D3/2D13/2D2 boards.

APU ready

The inside bottom case has a laser marking of APU1, APU2 and APU3 heat spreader placing. 



Front side holes

  • 3 leds
  • 1 switch

Back side holes

  • 3 LAN include 1 with frame for IPC120 or Alix 2D2
  • 2 optional LAN with frame for miniPCI 2 Giga ports (RMT-mPCI2LAN)
  • 2 WiFi
  • 1 USB
  • 1 DB9
  • DC jack


Include :

  • 4 screws to mount system board,
  • 16 screws for 2.5" HDD mounting,
  • 2 frames for mounting 2 x 2.5" HDD together
  • 2 supports for fixing HDD on enclosure
  • 4 screws to close enclosure,
  • 4 self-adhesive feet,
  • 2 rubber plugs to close unused SMA holes.


Laser marking. Please contact Clemanis staff for your projects.


Manufacturer : Rack Matrix Technology

Material :Aluminium

Color : black brushed anodized aluminium

Dimension : 245 mm width x 157 mm depth x 39 mm height

weight : 437 g

RoHS compliant.